Do you want to know what makes us the leaders in the industry?

We repiped over 50,000 homes and apartments over the years and we always put our clients and their homes first with the best value and quality in the industry.
  • You are the number ONE reason why Repipe 1, Inc. is #1 in service, quality and price in California for the past 25 years.
  • We only use USA MADE pipes, fittings, and valves from the finest manufacturers in the country.
  • We guarantee satisfaction to all our clients and stand behind every repipe with our 100% lifetime and satisfaction warranty.
  • We repipe over 50 houses per week so we can secure a fair price because we buy our materials by the truck load so we can pass the discounts straight to you.
  • We promise a start and finish time and stand behind our promises to get you back to your own regular schedule.
  • You will recieve nothing but the finest service and materials, and you will get the most complete and professional job in the industry.

We have 25 years of experience in home repiping!

PEX is a more environmental-friendly, healthier, lead-free alternative to copper.
We provide a lifetime warranty on labor and materials for PEX


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