What is The Average Cost of Repiping a house in Orange County?

If you are wondering what the average repipe cost of a home in Orange County or anywhere in Southern California is, it’s likely because your home is older and water pressure is dropping due to clogging or corrosion in the pipes, or, there may be an ongoing issue with water leaks. If either of these seems to be the case, it is likely time to completely replace your home’s pipes. The typical process is:

  1. New pipes are first installed
  2. Water supply is transferred to the newly installed system.
  3. The old system is disabled and becomes obsolete.

Repipe1, a repiping specialist servicing Orange County, offers complete home repiping inspection and repiping cost estimates.

Typical Repiping Cost

So, what are the average cost of re plumbing a house In general, the typical repipe of an average home with up to 3 bathrooms can run anywhere between $2,000 to $15,000 and in some cases more.

Repiping costs vary based on:

  1. The size of the home
  2. Number of stories
  3. Type of pipes used such as PEX or Copper
  4. Facilities involved such as sinks, bathtubs, toilets, showers, and more.

Other issues that can affect pricing are related to features of the home that enable ease of access to the plumbing system such as crawlspaces. PEX pipes are in many cases used for better results and cost savings. The cost of replacing old plumbing with PEX is often more beneficial and cost effective than other pipe types. For example, the average cost of re-plumbing a house with two bedrooms using PEX pipes is $3,500 compared to $5,000 using copper pipes.

Repipng a Home in Orange County

What is involved in repiping a house

The repiping process involves as a first step, an estimate following an inspection of the home. The duration of the process can range between just one day and up to several days during which the water is shut down during the day time while work takes place and then turned on in the evening. During the repiping, there is no problem at all with the homeowners staying on the premises. To keep the repiping costs down and time of completion to a minimum (typically just one day), Repipe1 uses a three man crew for PEX repping and a five man crew for copper repiping.

What to expect when repiping a house

In conclusion, you can expect that the cost of repiping a house with 2 bedroom, as an example, will run about $3,500 using PEX pipes and about $5,000 for copper pipes. During the repiping process, you will be able to fully utilize your home, however, water may be shut off during a majority of the day time. Once the job has been completed, your new piping system will be functional and the old one would have been abandoned. The prices indicated here are those offered by Repipe1 and represent a significant savings compared to other repiping specialists or plumbing companies. For accurate price estimates, homeowners concerned that their home is in need of a repipe, are welcome to contact our team. We will come out to the property and provide a repipe estimate and a complete breakdown of the process and timeline to complete the job.

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