Should I Repipe my House? The 3 Ways to Know for Sure!

If you’re asking yourself the common question many in Orange County and throughout California are asking themselves these days “Should I Repipe my House?” then you should know that there are 3 ways to know if your home is in need of whole-house repiping. Here are the three main issues you might be experiencing that should prompt a call to a repiping specialist. During a consultation you will receive a complete evaluation of your piping situation and provided with an estimate in the event that a repiping is recommended.

You should consider repiping your house if

Your Home Was Built 50+ Years Ago

Most homes built in the 1960’s or earlier are clear candidates for a complete home repipe. This is because their piping is most likely made of galvanized steel or cast iron. Both these materials are highly durable, however, over time they corrode. Over a span of fifty years, there’s a high likelihood that they’ve become at least partially decayed and it’s time to have them replaced.

Water Pressure is Dropping

If you live in an older home and the water pressure in your sinks and showers appears to be dropping, it’s an indication that the pipes may be corroded or clogged and that a complete repipe is due.

Water is Leaking

If your home is experiencing leaks it is very likely the result of pipes that have run their course and need to be replaced.

Whether your home is old, water pressure is dropping or you’re experiencing leaks, if you’re asking the common “Should I Repipe my House?” question, it is a good idea to give our team here at Repipe1 a call. We specialize in PEX repiping and copper repiping and will let you know if you need just a targeted repipe for a portion of your piping or a complete house-repipe. Whatever your home’s needs are, our team of repiping specialists will resolve your home’s plumbing issues quickly, inexpensively and for many years to come. We guarantee it!

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