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Customer Reviews

Lisa Adams
Lisa Adams
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As big as this job was I expected my house to be in shambles when they were done! I was happily surprised that they were so professional, efficient, timely and cleaned up where they made the holes, spackle and all! I hardly could see where they made the holes! I highly recommend them to all I come in contact with that need this service!
Tanya Berard
Tanya Berard
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Absolutely amazing, great people and service! Made a difficult situation so much easier! Have referred them to multiple people who also have had great experiences!

Should I Repipe My House? The 3 Ways to Know for Sure!

If you are asking yourself Should I Repipe my house? You are not alone. There are three definitive ways to know if your home should be repiped as a whole or if a patch is enough. We are going to talk about the three issues that you may experience and this should be when you contact a specialist for your repiping needs. You will get a consultation at this time. During your consultation, they will evaluate your piping problems and needs and provide you with a rough estimate if your house needs to be repiped. 

Repiping your house may be something that you fear, however, with the right people it is a quick and easy job. That is why you should always know the signs and when to repipe. If you are in need of a repipe, contact Repipe1 so they can help you determine what is best for you. Keep in mind that this process doesn’t have to give you stress. Simply contacting the right company can make the biggest difference for you and your home. We are going to talk about the three reasons that indicates you should repipe your home. 

You Should Consider Repiping If

The Home is Over Fifty Years Old

Homes that were built before the ’60s are going to be great candidates for the entire home repiping project. This is because the piping is made of galvanized steel or even cast iron. Sometimes there may be both in older homes. Both the steel and iron are durable, however, they are prone to corrosion over time. If your home hasn’t had its pipes touched in fifty years, you can bet that they are decaying and should be replaced.

 Older pipes should always be replaced because of the risk of corrosion, however, older popes are also at risk for freezing. They are not as updated and modern as copper or PEX piping options we have today. Older pipes can burst easier than newer pipes.

Your Water Pressure Has Dropped

If you are living in an older house, the water pressure may be low. Your showers and sinks do not work as they used to. You may notice that your hair takes longer to rinse than it once did. This is because you have lost water pressure. This could be an indicator that your pipes have clogged or corroded. This means that you will likely need a complete repipe of the home.

When the water pressure drops in a home it is likely that you have corroded or clogged pipes as stated, however, the problem could be much worse. You could have a leaking pipe that will only get worse over time. That is why it is always important to take note of the smaller things because they could lead to a bigger problem.

You Notice Leaking Water

If the home is having leaks, it is likely that the pipes will need replacing. The only time that patching may be used is if the pipes were installed recently. However, that is likely not the case. It is important that you notice and take care of leaking water as quickly as possible. Leaking pipes can cause mold and water damage. Plus, the damage of water could become worse as the leak becomes bigger over time. That is why you should never leave a leak untreated.

 It doesn’t matter if your home is old, you have leaks, or you are experiencing issues with your water pressure, you should not be asking yourself “Should I Repipe the House?’ if you believe that your home is okay. If you are asking yourself that question you should get in touch with Repipe1 today. Repipe1 will specialize in PEX pipe and copper pipe. They will also let you know if you are in need of a new repipe for the entire house or just a portion. Whatever your home needs, the team of specialists at Repipe1 will be there the whole way. We will work to help you resolve any plumbing issue you may have. We will do it as quickly and inexpensively as possible so that your piping lasts for years. We are so positive that you will like our work that we guarantee it!

The 6 Steps Your Repiping Specialist Takes When Repiping a House

When you are thinking about repiping, just remember that there are many steps and it is a big project. We are going to talk about the normal process that a specialist will follow when he or she repipes a home. 

An Initial Inspection

A specialist that has been qualified will come to the house and analyze the condition of your piping. If and when they are in need of a replacement, the plumbing specialist will let you know. He or she will also go over the options with you. The pipe that you choose can determine how long the project takes. Plus, they will look and determine where your access points are. Your access points can be in your wall, ceiling, or floor. Don’t worry, the holes will be patched at the end of the process.

A Schedule is Created

When your home is being repiped, it can be invasive for the family. Workers are going to be going in and out of the house and there will be materials as well. That is why a specialist will create a schedule that will give them time to work that won’t disrupt the process of your daily life more than needed. Once the schedule has been made, you should try to stick to it. This will help the job get done quicker and with fewer issues. If you are interrupting the workers, the job will not be done as quickly as it should because they cannot work with you in the area. This is dangerous and someone could get hurt.

A Safe Workplace is Created

There are preparations that are taken to make sure that the workplace is safe. This has to be done before anything is removed or put in. There will be holes made in ceilings, walls, and floors so that the company can access the piping. Before holes are drilled, the workers will lay down cloths and cover the flooring and any furniture in the area. They want to make sure that your belongings are not being destroyed. It is best to empty your cabinets and remove items that could get in the way before work starts. This saves you and them time.

New Pipe Installation

This will take different time depending on what type of piping you chose. PEX will be easier and quicker to install because it is both flexible and lightweight. PEX pipes do not require fittings or welding. However, any pipes that enter or exit your wall should be made of copper. Do not worry that your water will be shut off while this is happening. Your old piping system will be kept in place and running until the new one is up and running.

Switching From One to the Other

This is the step that will take the longest. It is at this point that the tie-ins that connect you to the city water will need to be removed from your old piping and put onto your new piping. You will need to check with the plumber to see if they can get certain areas done first. This could include the bathroom because you need to shower and use the bathroom. If you talk to your plumber, they will happily switch these areas over first so that you are not left without water.

Cleaning Up

Once your new system is installed and it is working as it should, the last step is to clean up the mess that was made. This would include repairing the holes that were made in your floor, ceiling, or walls. The company will not leave you with holes throughout your house. The drop cloths will all be removed as well. They should remove any debris that was leftover and make sure the space is clean. If you hire a reputable and reliable company, the home should be as clean as it was when they arrived.

 If you are looking to schedule an inspection or if you have questions, you can call today. We have specialists ready to talk to you. Keep in mind that our specialists are involved and have helped over fifty-thousand people with their homes. They are ready to make your home another success story.

What is the Average Cost of Repiping a House in Orange County?

If you are in need of a repipe job in Orange County, you will often find yourself wondering how much this will cost you. You will not know for sure the price but an average would give you some peace of mind. You are likely wondering an estimate because you have an older home and are noticing that your water pressure has decreased. This could happen from corrosion or even clogging in the pipes. Plus, there may be water leaks that you don’t even know about. If this is the case for you, we are going to recommend that you are replacing your home’s pipes completely. The process for doing this is generally done as so.

  • The new pipes will be installed before anything else. 
  • The next step means that the water supply will be transferred from your old system to the new one. 
  • The old system will be taken out and disabled. This system will no longer be used and the items will be taken away. Older pipes and copper can be recycled. 

Repipe1 is a company that specializes in repiping services in Orange County. They are going to offer inspections and estimates so that you know what to expect before the project starts.

Typical Cost of a Repipe

This may have you wondering what it costs on average to repipe a house. In general, if the home has three or fewer bathrooms it can be anywhere between two and fifteen thousand dollars. In some cases, it will be more expensive. There are several factors that are taken into consideration when a repipe is done.

  • The biggest thing to consider is how big the home is.
  • How many stories are there in the home?
  • The type of piping that you are using to install a new system. PEX or Copper?
  • How many facilities you have. This includes showers, sinks, tubs, and toilets. There are also several other items that count as facilities.

Other issues may also affect how pricing occurs. One is how easy the piping is to get to. Crawlspaces are hard and dirty. PEX piping will save you money and will be better used for many different reasons. When you replace any existing piping with PEX, it will be beneficial to you. Plus, it will be better for your wallet compared to other piping options.

Let’s talk about an example. You have a two-bedroom house that needs to be repiped. If they choose to use PEX it will cost around 3,500 dollars. However, if copper is what they choose, it will cost around five thousand.

What is All Involved in a Repipe?

Many people do not know the process that goes along with a repipe. The first step will be an estimate that will be followed by an inspection of your home. This inspection generally doesn’t take that long and workers will discuss the next step. The repiping process can take one day or even several days. During this time the water will be shut off when they are working. They will turn the water on when they are done working for the day. The homeowners can stay in their home during the process. To keep prices as low as possible, and to make sure that it is done as quickly as possible, PEX piping will only use three men and copper will use five.

What You Should Expect

With all that being said, you can expect the plumbing to average around 3,500 to 5,000 depending on what type of pipe you want. This is based on a two-bedroom home. During the process, you can use your home as you please. You do not have to leave. Just keep in mind that your water may be shut off during most of the day. Once the job is finished, your water will be restored and your new piping will be utilized. Yoru old system will simply be abandoned. These prices are those offered by our company, Repipe1. Our prices are considerably lower than many other specialists around. If you want a more accurate estimate or you are concerned about your home’s pipes, contact our company. We will be happy to assist you and help you determine what is best for your home.

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