Repipe 1 Pex Repipe in Ladera Ranch


The Problem

Mr. Galmarini, a homeowner in Ladera Ranch, California, was having difficulty with his plumbing system. His pipes were corroding, and mineral buildup had caused clogs and other plumbing problems. He was looking for a reliable solution to help him reduce plumbing expenses and improve water quality.

The Solution

Mr. Galmarini chose Repipe 1, an experienced plumbing service based in Orange County, California. As an experienced repiping company serving Los Angeles and its surrounding areas for over a decade, Repipe 1 has repiped over 50,000 homes and offers a 100% lifetime warranty on workmanship. With their expertise and excellent reputation, Mr. Galmarini trusted that Repipe 1 could provide the best solution for his needs—an entire repiping of his home using USA-made PEX pipe.

The Process

Repipe 1 started the project by identifying the exact source of the problem—corroded pipes and mineral buildup. Then they used a Milwaukee PEX Gun to remove the old corroded pipes and replace them with new USA-made PEX pipe. This process was completed with precision and care so as to not damage any of Mr. Galmarini’s property or walls during the process. After it was completed, Repipe 1 did one final inspection to ensure everything was installed properly and that there were no leaks or other issues with their workmanship.

The Results

Mr. Galmarini was pleased with the results of his repiping project from Repipe 1—he now has better water quality, fewer plumbing problems, and reduced plumbing expenses due to improved efficiency of his home’s piping system. Furthermore, he is confident that he can rely on Repipe 1’s 100% lifetime warranty if he ever experiences any issues with the new pipes in the future.


When Mr. Galmarini needed to replace old corroded pipes in his home in Ladera Ranch, California, he knew just who to call—Repipe 1! With their experienced technicians who have been providing repiping services around Los Angeles for over a decade, Mr. Galmarini trusted that they could provide him with the solution he needed—an entire repiping of his home using USA-made PEX pipe—and they delivered! Thanks to Repipe 1’s excellent workmanship and 100% lifetime warranty on their services, Mr. Galmarini now enjoys better water quality and fewer plumbing problems at reduced costs!