Repipe 1 Serves Kennedy L. in Mission Viejo, CA

We at Repipe 1 recently had the pleasure of providing our services to Kennedy L. in Mission Viejo, CA. Kennedy was experiencing an issue with corroded pipes throughout their home and needed a full house repipe. Our experienced team of professionals was able to provide Kennedy with a comprehensive solution that would last them for years to come. 

The Problem 

Kennedy’s pipes were severely corroded due to years of wear and tear. This corrosion caused a great deal of difficulty in water flow and poor water quality. With such an issue, it was clear that a full house repipe was the only solution that could provide the results they desired. 

The Solution 

Our team at Repipe 1 provided Kennedy with a full house repipe using PEX piping technology. This method is not only cost-effective but also provides excellent water flow and quality due to its strong material composition. Additionally, PEX repiping is far less disruptive to the home than traditional copper piping methods, allowing us to complete the job quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to Kennedy’s daily life. 

The Process 

Our team took two days to complete the process from start to finish, beginning with removing all existing pipes and properly disposing of them according to local regulations. We then installed new PEX piping throughout the home, testing each connection for any leaks or issues before moving on to the next section. We also took extra care when it came to patching holes created by our work, ensuring that all walls or floors were sealed up properly after work completion. 

The Results 

Thanks to our experienced team and top-of-the-line materials, Kennedy now has reliable plumbing throughout their home with improved water flow and better water quality overall. We are proud that we were able to provide such an effective solution for Kennedy’s needs in such a short amount of time! As always, we offer our customers 100% Lifetime Warranty on workmanship so they can rest assured knowing that their plumbing is in good hands for years down the line. 


At Repipe 1, we are dedicated to providing excellent results for our customers each and every time they work with us. We have been serving Orange County, Los Angeles County, Kern County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County & Ventura County for over a decade now; having repiped over 50,000 homes in total! Our competitive rates make us one of the most sought-after providers of full house repiping services in Southern California – so if you’re looking for top-quality results backed with our lifetime warranty on workmanship then contact us today!


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