Laguna Niguel Residents Repiped with Quality USA Made PEX Pipe by Repipe 1

When Laguna Niguel residents, Mr. and Mrs. Dadson, heard their pipes making loud noises, they knew something needed to be done. After doing some research, they contacted Repipe 1 – Orange County’s premier repiping specialists – for help.

Repipe 1 specializes in whole-house repiping services using only the highest quality USA made PEX pipe. Every job is backed by a 100% lifetime guarantee on workmanship and a 99% success rate in all of Orange County. With over 50,000 homes repiped in areas surrounding Los Angeles over the past decade, Repipe 1 is the trusted name for all residential repiping needs.

Making sure their customers are as informed as possible throughout the entire process, Repipe 1 took the time to explain all aspects of their services to Mr. and Mrs. Dadson. They were also reassured that the project would be completed in just three days with minimal disruption to their lives thanks to the expertise of Repipe 1’s Project Manager Josh R., who had extensive experience with Milwaukee Pex Gun and patching techniques for Pex A projects.

The results of the Dadson’s repiping exceeded their expectations! Their home no longer had noisy pipes and they experienced better water quality and zero leaks due to the USA made PEX pipe used by Repipe 1. The couple was so impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of Repipe 1’s services that they plan on recommending them to their friends and family in Laguna Niguel and beyond.

If you live in or around Laguna Niguel, CA and are experiencing similar issues with your plumbing system, look no further than Repipe 1! Our team of experts will ensure your project is completed quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption and maximum results. All our work comes with a 100% lifetime warranty on workmanship so you can rest assured knowing you have chosen a reputable provider for all your residential repiping needs! Contact us today at 1-866-737-4731and visit our website more information!


Laguna Niguel, CA, USA
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