Lake Forest Home Repipe Success Story – Pex Repipe by Repipe 1

When Mr. Park of Lake Forest needed to repipe his home he chose to work with the plumbing experts at Repipe 1. With over 50,000 homes repiped in the Los Angeles and Orange County area, Repipe 1 has a stellar reputation for providing quality service and complete customer satisfaction.

Repipe 1 offers an array of services from copper repiping to pex repiping and more. After evaluating the condition of Mr. Park's plumbing system, it was determined that a pex repipe was the best solution for him.

Repiping with PEX Pipe

PEX pipe is the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective piping material on the market. It is made of cross-linked polyethylene which is strong yet flexible enough to be used in a variety of applications including residential plumbing systems. It also benefits from having a resistance to corrosion, freezing, and pinhole leaks that are common with other types of pipes like copper or galvanized steel.

The experienced technicians at Repipe 1 understand how important it is that a repiping job is done right the first time. That’s why they only use USA made PEX pipe for all their repipes and offer a 100% lifetime warranty on all their workmanship.

Repiping Process

The process of replacing Mr. Park's old pipes with new PEX pipe began with accessing all the areas that needed to be repiped. This included places like under sinks, behind walls, and below flooring. Once access points were established, old pipes were removed and replaced with USA made PEX pipe using techniques that reduce disruption and minimize mess in the home.

To guarantee proper installation and long-term performance, every component used was tested multiple times during the installation process. The project was completed within two days thanks to the hardworking team at Repipe 1 who worked diligently around the clock to ensure everything went smoothly.

The Results

Mr. Park was very satisfied with the results of his new pex repipe! He no longer had to deal with frequent clogs or mineral buildup in his pipes, which caused low water pressure throughout his home before his new piping system was installed. Additionally, he no longer had to worry about costly plumbing repairs or leaks due to damaged pipes — something that often occurs when older piping materials are used in homes located in Lake Forest and surrounding areas due to environmental conditions such as acid rain or extreme temperatures.


Mr Park’s decision to have his home repiped by Repipe 1 paid off! He now enjoys improved water pressure throughout his home without worrying about potential plumbing issues or expensive repairs down the line. The entire process went smoothly thanks to professional workmanship by highly trained technicians who specialize in residential repiping jobs using USA made PEX pipe — all backed up by a 100% lifetime warranty on their workmanship — making it an investment well worth considering for any homeowner located in Lake Forest or nearby areas looking for superior plumbing solutions from experts they can trust completely!