Mission Viejo PEX Repipe Success Story: Repipe 1 Delivers Quality Results for Homeowner

When Mr. Gauthier of Mission Viejo, CA reached out to Repipe 1, he was concerned about decreasing water pressure and discoloration in his home’s plumbing. With over a decade of experience in the repiping industry and an impressive portfolio of successful projects in and around Los Angeles, Mr. Gauthier chose Repipe 1 to take on this important project.

The goal was to provide Mr. Gauthier with a permanent solution to his low water pressure and discoloration issues by replacing the existing pipes with USA made PEX pipe. After a thorough assessment of the townhome, Repipe 1 determined that the best approach would be to perform a mainline repair and a full PEX repipe.

Repipe 1 coordinated with the homeowner in order to ensure minimal disruption of daily life during the two day project. Every effort was made to complete the job quickly and efficiently while adhering to all quality standards. On day one, our experienced techs performed the mainline repair, replacing any worn or damaged sections of pipe to ensure that no further issues occurred in the future. On day two, we completed the full PEX repipe using only high quality USA-made PEX pipe from trusted manufacturers.

Thanks to Repipe 1’s hard work and dedication, Mr. Gauthier now has access to better water quality with improved water pressure throughout his townhome. Our technicians worked diligently throughout the project and provided exceptional service every step of the way including clean up and debris removal at completion. As always, 100% Lifetime warranty on workmanship provided peace of mind that all repairs were done right!

For over a decade, Repipe 1 has been providing homeowners in Orange County and surrounding areas with reliable repiping services at competitive prices. We are committed to delivering superior results on time and within budget while upholding strict safety standards. Our team is comprised of highly skilled technicians who have extensive knowledge when it comes to working with different types of piping systems such as PEX, Copper and CPVC among others.

If you live in Mission Viejo or any other city in Orange County or Los Angeles area, look no further than Repipe 1 for all your repiping needs. Our experienced team is here to provide you with quality service that will exceed your expectations every time! Contact us today at 1-866-737-4731 or visit our website https://www.repipe1.com/for more information about our PEX repiping services!