Pex A Pipe Installation: Laguna Hills Gets Repiped with Quality USA-Made PEX Pipe

Living in Laguna Hills, CA has its advantages – like the beautiful beaches, shops, and restaurants. But one thing that residents can’t stand is the rusty water coming from their faucets. It’s an issue that’s plagued them for years and has been difficult to solve. That’s why they called on Repipe 1 to help them out.

Repipe 1 is a repiping company located in Irvine, CA that specializes in replacing old pipes with modern plumbing solutions. With over 50,000 homes successfully repiped in areas surrounding Los Angeles, they were the perfect choice for Mr. Friedl and his Laguna Hills property.

The Process of Replacing Pipes in Laguna Hills

The project began with a thorough inspection of the property by our project manager Josh D. After determining which pipes needed to be replaced and what materials would be used, Josh got to work installing Pex A pipes throughout the house. This type of pipe is more reliable than copper pipe and comes with a 100% lifetime warranty on workmanship.

Using a Milwaukee Pex gun, Josh was able to quickly remove the existing pipes and replace them with USA-made PEX pipe. The job was completed within three days without any issues or leaks – much faster than other repiping companies who take weeks or even months to finish a project of this size.

The Benefits of Repiping in Laguna Hills

Once the job was finished, Mr. Friedl noticed an immediate improvement in water pressure and taste throughout his home. Not only that, but he no longer had to worry about rusty water damaging his sinks and fixtures – something that had been a problem for many years before reaching out to us.

When you choose Repipe 1 for your repiping needs you can rest assured knowing that you will receive quality service from experienced professionals who have been in the industry for over a decade. Our team of specialists uses only top-of-the-line materials and tools so you can trust that your plumbing system will last for many years to come – all backed by our 100% lifetime warranty on workmanship.

Things To Do In Laguna Hills After A Successful Repipe

After getting their pipes replaced with quality USA-made PEX pipe, Mr. Friedl and his family can now enjoy all that Laguna Hills has to offer without worrying about rusty water ruining their sinks and fixtures anymore! Here are some of our favorite things to do in Laguna Hills after a successful repipe:

  • Visit Crystal Cove State Park – Relax at this beautiful beachside park while enjoying ocean views.
  • Attend the Pageant of the Masters – Marvel at life-sized art recreations presented live onstage.
  • Go Shopping at The Shops at Mission Viejo – Shop 'til you drop at this popular mall.
  • Hike Through Aliso & Wood Canyon Wilderness Park – Experience nature up close by taking one of the many trails.
  • Eat at Laguna Beach's Restaurants – Enjoy delicious seafood dishes at one of the city's many eateries.

No matter what you choose to do in Laguna Hills after getting your pipes replaced by Repipe 1, you can be sure that your plumbing system won't be giving you any headaches anytime soon! Contact us today if you're experiencing problems with your plumbing system or need new pipes installed – we'll be happy to help!


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