Pex A Pipe Installation Success Story in Laguna Niguel, California

At Repipe 1, we’re passionate about providing the highest quality services to our customers in Southern California. Recently, we had the opportunity to perform a Pex A pipe installation in Laguna Niguel, and we’d like to share the success story with you.

The Problem

Our customer, Mr. Carlsen, contacted us with a problem regarding his home in Laguna Niguel. He had noticed damp spots on his carpet that were caused by a concrete slab leak. This was something he wanted fixed quickly and he chose us at Repipe 1 after taking advantage of our free consultation.

The Solution

We arrived onsite prepared for the job and ready to go. After assessing the situation, we determined that the best solution was to repipe the property with Pex A pipe and repair any mainlines as needed. To complete this job efficiently, we used a Milwaukee Pex Gun and USA made PEX pipe.

The Process

Our experienced team got right to work and completed the project in under half a day. We followed these steps:

  • Diagnosing the issue.
  • Assessing damage.
  • Creating an action plan.
  • Removing old pipes.
  • Installing new pipes with Pex A pipe.
  • Testing connections.
  • Making repairs as needed.


We also took extra care to ensure that all of our materials were installed correctly so that Mr. Carlsen could enjoy worry-free water pipes for years to come. And since we offer a 100% lifetime warranty on workmanship, he can rest easy knowing that he is covered if anything goes wrong in the future.

The Results

When it was all said and done, Mr. Carlsen was thrilled with the results! Not only did he no longer have wet spots on his carpet, but now he also has better water quality throughout his home thanks to our repiping services. As an added bonus, he can enjoy peace of mind knowing that his pipes are covered by our lifetime warranty.


At Repipe 1, we are committed to providing residents of Laguna Niguel and other surrounding cities with top-notch repiping services at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround time and excellent customer service – both of which contribute to successful repiping projects like this one! With more than 50,000 homes successfully repiped over the past decade in Southern California, you can trust us for all your repiping needs!


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