Pex A Repipe in Oceanside, California: A Success Story

At Pinon Plumbing, we recently completed a successful Pex A repipe job in Oceanside, California. Mr. Pinon chose us for our excellent reputation and high-quality services. Our project manager, Josh D., oversaw the entire process which was completed within two days.

The property in question was a house located in Oceanside. The pipes were severely damaged due to root intrusion, corrosion, mineral buildup, frequent clogs and rusting. There were also issues with low water pressure, discolored water, and constant running noise coming from the pipes. In addition, there were slab leakages, water pooling on the floor, galvanized pipes and old copper pipes that had to be replaced.

We used several tools and materials to complete the task including Milwaukee PEX Gun, Milwaukee Drill, Copper Press Tool, Soldering Copper Pipe as well as USA Made Copper Pipe and USA Made PEX pipe. We also patched any holes or textures needed for inspection and pipe replacement before stucco was applied.

The successful completion of this project resulted in improved water pressure and flow as well as better water quality for Mr. Pinon's home in Oceanside. Other benefits included no more leaks, reduced plumbing problems and expenses as well as clean and clear rust free water with improved volume and flow. In addition, drinking water had improved taste due to no more rusty water while there was no longer a need for worry-free water pipe or fear of water damage from possible slab leakages.

Oceanside is a great city located just south of Los Angeles with plenty of interesting facts and things to do related to repiping services we provide here at Pinon Plumbing. It's an ideal place for those who are looking forhigh-quality plumbing services without having to go into the city of Los Angeles proper. We offer our customers a wide range of services including mainline repair, whole house repipe as well as copper repipe and pex repipe services all with our fast turnaround times that can't be beaten!

We're proud to have been able to provide Mr. Pinon with excellent service here in Oceanside at his property on 3596 Evening Canyon Rd., resulting in a successful Pex A Repipe job that he can enjoy for many years to come!