Repipe 1 Successfully Repipes House in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

For over a decade, Repipe 1 has been the go-to choice for repiping services in Orange County and Los Angeles. Recently, we were called upon to help Mr. Cordova who was dealing with a concrete slab leak in his house in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Services We Provide

Our team of professional technicians specializes in repiping entire homes using Pex A piping material. Pex A is the most reliable and durable piping material available and is ideal for whole house repiping projects. We are proud to offer our customers 100% Lifetime warranty on our workmanship so they can have full peace of mind that their project will be done correctly and last for many years to come.

The Benefits of Our Service

When it comes to repiping an entire home, there are many benefits that come with the service. By replacing outdated and worn out plumbing with Pex A, customers can experience better water pressure throughout the home as well as improved water flow and volume. This ensures that each fixture is working at peak performance and provides convenience for daily tasks like showering or doing laundry. Additionally, customers can also save money on repairs since Pex A is more resistant to corrosion and other wear-and-tear damage than traditional copper piping.

Why Choose Us?

At Repipe 1, we have a long history of providing exceptional service and results for our clients in Orange County and Los Angeles. Our team of experts have decades of experience between them so you can trust that your project will be done right the first time around. We have extensive knowledge when it comes to navigating city codes and regulations so we can ensure that your repiping job meets all necessary requirements. Plus, our customer service team is always available to answer any questions you may have along the way!

Our Process

  • An initial consultation where we evaluate your home’s plumbing system.
  • We provide an accurate estimate for the project.
  • We take all necessary precautions to protect your home during the repiping process.
  • Using Pex A piping material, we repipe your entire home.
  • We thoroughly inspect the finished product before turning it back over to you.

Importance Of Service To Local Community

At Repipe 1, we understand how important plumbing services are to local communities like Rancho Cucamonga, California. It’s essential that homes remain up-to-date on their plumbing systems so they can continue running smoothly without any issues or delays. That’s why we take pride in providing quality workmanship that lasts for years to come! With our 100% Lifetime warranty on workmanship, customers can rest assured knowing that their investment is protected from any unexpected problems down the line.

In the end, Mr. Cordova was very pleased with the results of his whole house repipe! He now has improved water flow and volume throughout his home thanks to our team at Repipe 1 who provided him with exceptional service every step of the way!


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