PEX-A Repipe of Entire Home in Corona, CA


At Repipe 1, we specialize in PEX-A repiping and had the pleasure of helping Clavel with her repiping needs. Clavel’s home in Corona, California required a full PEX-A repipe in order to replace her old, rusty and noisy pipes. Our team at Repipe 1 was able to complete the project within a full day and provide Tania with a better water quality.

Our Services

Repipe 1 offers a full range of services and has been providing Orange County, Los Angeles County, Kern County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County & Ventura County with repiping services for over a decade. We have serviced over 50,000 homes and offer a 100% lifetime warranty on workmanship. 

We specialize in PEX-A piping which is USA made and offers superior flexibility when compared to other types of piping materials. This makes it ideal for replacement projects where access may be limited or challenging. In this case, our specialists were able to access the pipes without having to do any major demolition or removal of fixtures. 

The Problem

Tania’s home was suffering from rusty pipes as well as noisy ones that caused disruption throughout her house. This is an all too common problem among households that have older plumbing systems or those that were not installed properly. The rust can clog pipes and cause poor water quality leading to a decrease in overall performance. 

The Solution

The solution was to perform a PEX-A repipe on the entire home in order to replace the old pipes with new ones that were free from rust and other contaminants. Our team at Repipe 1 was able to access all of the necessary areas without the need for major demolition or removal of fixtures due to the flexible nature of PEX-A piping material. 


The results speak for themselves; upon completion Tania’s home now has better water quality due to the replacement of her old rusty pipes with our USA made PEX-A piping material. The project was completed within one day and our team at Repipe 1 ensured that all necessary areas were properly serviced so that Tania could enjoy her newly renovated home without having to worry about any further disruptions from noisy pipes or poor water quality. 


We here at Repipe 1 are proud to have been able to help Clavel with her PEX-A repiping needs in Corona, California. Our experienced technicians were able to provide her with high quality service while completing the project within one day – something that would not be possible without our specialization in PEX-A piping material and its ability to be accessed easily even when access may be limited or challenging. We are confident that Tania’s home now has better water quality thanks to our team’s hard work and dedication!