Pex Pipe Installation in Irvine: How We Repiped Over 50,000 Homes in Los Angeles

When Mr. Tung needed his pipes repiped due to damage caused by roots, corrosion, rust buildup, and other issues, he turned to our team of experienced professionals for help. Located in Irvine, 78 New Dawn needed a half-day project completion timeline and we were up to the task.

Our team of experts arrived at the property with the necessary tools and materials to get the job done, including the Milwaukee Pex Gun, Milwaukee Drill, Copper Press Tool, Soldering Copper Pipe, USA Made Copper Pipe, and USA Made PEX pipe. All of this was used to patch, texture, inspect and replace pipes in order to provide a solution for Mr. Tung.

Since our company has been servicing Los Angeles for over a decade now we have become experts in providing repiping services as well as Mainline Repair and Whole House Repipe solutions. We understand that not all homes are the same so our team is trained to recognize problems such as low water pressure or frequent clogs and take action accordingly. Our goal is always to provide superior service with lasting results.

The Benefits of Repiping in Irvine

We are proud to say that after completing the repiping project at 78 New Dawn in Irvine Mr. Tung has experienced improved water pressure and flow as well as better water quality and no more leaks! We know that a properly functioning plumbing system can make all the difference when it comes to providing a safe home environment.

Repiping also reduces plumbing problems and expenses while ensuring clean and clear rust-free water with an improved volume and flow rate. This leads to better tasting drinking water without any worries of water damage occurring due to a faulty pipe system.

Things To Do Around Irvine

Irvine is located in Orange County which means there are plenty of activities for visitors and locals alike! With many beaches nearby such as Huntington Beach and Newport Beach you can spend hours lounging on warm sand or take part in exciting watersports such as surfing or kayaking.

If you’re looking for something a bit more inland you should check out some of the local hiking trails located near UCI Arboretum or Quail Hill Trailhead if you’re looking for something more challenging! The city also has plenty of shopping opportunities with The Market Place being one of the most popular spots around town. There are also several museums like Pretend City Children's Museum or The Irvine Museum which provide an educational experience for everyone involved!

Why Choose Us

At our company we strive to provide exceptional service that meets your needs every time! We understand how important it is to have a safe home environment free from plumbing issues so that’s why we use only top quality materials combined with years of experience when it comes to tackling projects like Mr. Tung's Pex Pipe Installation in Irvine.

We guarantee that your project will be completed within an agreed upon timeline according to your specifications while providing lasting results that you can depend on for years to come! Our team is always available if you have any questions along the way or need assistance with anything related to your project so don't hesitate to contact us today!


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