Pex Repipe and Stucco Patching Success Story in City of Orange

Residents of the City of Orange were recently delighted to find that the team at Repipe 1 had successfully completed a pex repipe and stucco patching job. The project was finished in just two days, a testament to the excellence and efficiency of the team at Repipe 1.

The Problems

The homeowner, Mr. Kelsey, was having issues with pipes that had constant leaks due to roots growing through them. The pipes had become damaged beyond repair and needed to be replaced.

The Solution

The team at Repipe 1 used USA made PEX pipe to replace the old pipes. They also took the time to fix any stucco damage around the area using texture and patching. They used a Milwaukee drill to ensure precision during installation.

The Benefits of Repiping

Repiping offers many benefits for homeowners looking for plumbing repairs or replacements. For example, PEX piping is durable, corrosion-resistant, and cost-effective compared to other plumbing materials. It also has a long lifespan, so homeowners can rest assured that their pipes will last for many years to come. In addition, PEX piping is easy to install and can be done in a short amount of time compared to other methods.

Services Provided by Repipe 1

Repipe 1 offers complete repiping services for both residential and commercial properties throughout Orange County and its surrounding areas. We use only top quality materials such as USA made PEX piping in order to ensure that your repiping job is done right the first time. Our team is experienced in all aspects of repiping from main line repair to texture and stucco patching, so you can trust us with all of your plumbing needs. We also offer a 100% lifetime warranty on all our workmanship, so you know you’re getting the best service possible.

Interesting Facts about City of Orange

In addition to providing quality repiping services throughout Orange County, we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight some interesting facts about City of Orange:

  • City of Orange is home to many popular attractions such as Disneyland Resort, Angel Stadium, and Honda Center.
  • It has a rich history dating back over 150 years.
  • It is home to several notable universities such as Chapman University.

No matter what plumbing project you may have in mind in City of Orange, you can trust the experts at Repipe 1 with all your needs. With our experience and expertise in repiping projects combined with our commitment to excellent customer service, we guarantee satisfaction every time!


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