Pex Repipe in Rancho Santa Margarita – a Repipe 1 project

At Repipe 1, we have been providing quality repiping services for over a decade. We take pride in the fact that we have served thousands of homes across Orange County, Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. Our commitment to quality workmanship is backed by a 100% Lifetime warranty on all our services, which is why Mr. Ayala chose us to repipe his home in Rancho Santa Margarita. 

The Problem

Mr. Ayala’s home had been suffering from corroded pipes for some time and he was looking for an experienced provider who could provide a high-quality solution. He had heard about our BBB accreditation and decided to reach out. After evaluating the situation, our team concluded that the best solution would be to replace his entire mainline system with a PEX repipe. 

The Solution

Our team of experts worked swiftly to complete the job within two days. We made sure that all safety measures were taken to ensure no damage was done to Mr. Ayala’s property during the process. We used only the highest quality materials available and took extra care to ensure no leaks occurred during installation or after completion of the project. Once everything was installed correctly, we tested the system to make sure it was functioning properly before leaving the premises. 

The Results

Thanks to our swift and efficient service, Mr. Ayala’s home now has better water quality than ever before! His pipes are now free of corrosion and are able to withstand wear and tear more effectively than before. Additionally, thanks to our 100% Lifetime Warranty on workmanship, he can rest assured knowing that any problems he may encounter in the future will be taken care of promptly and efficiently by our team of experts. 


At Repipe 1, we strive to provide customers with top-notch services at an affordable price point. Our commitment to quality workmanship is reflected in our 100% Lifetime warranty on all services provided. In this particular case study, we were able to help Mr. Ayala by replacing his entire mainline system with a PEX repipe in Rancho Santa Margarita in just two days with minimal disruption to his daily life or property. We are proud of what we achieved together with him and look forward to providing more residents of Orange County and Los Angeles with similar services in the future!


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