Pex Repipe in Riverside, California

At Repipe 1, we specialize in residential repiping services throughout Southern California. We recently completed a Pex repiping project for a home located in Riverside, California. Our customer, Mr. Hutchins, chose us because of our excellent reputation and our commitment to 100% lifetime warranty on workmanship. 

The Problem

Mr. Hutchins contacted us with the problem that his home was experiencing frequent clogs throughout the plumbing system. The clogs were causing disruption to his water flow and he needed a reliable solution to get his plumbing back up and running at full capacity. 

The Solution

After assessing the situation, our team determined that the best solution was to conduct a full repipe using Pex pipe. Pex is made from cross-linked polyethylene that is strong and durable while being flexible enough to fit into tight spaces or make sharp turns. It is also resistant to corrosion and scale build-up, making it an ideal material for repiping projects.  

The Process

Our team of experienced plumbers got to work quickly. To ensure minimal disruption to Mr. Hutchins’ daily life, the entire project was completed within three days time! We used only USA made PEX pipe for quality assurance and installed it according to all local codes and regulations.  

The Results 

Once the job was complete, Mr. Hutchins immediately noticed an improvement in his water quality as well as in his water flow. He was relieved to know that he no longer had to worry about clogs or other plumbing issues disrupting his day-to-day life! He was also thankful for our commitment to providing a 100%, lifetime warranty on workmanship so that he could rest assured knowing that any future problems would be taken care of promptly and professionally by our team of experts at Repipe 1. 



At Repipe 1, we are proud of the quality service and customer satisfaction that we provide with all of our repiping projects throughout Southern California. Our team of experienced plumbers worked quickly and efficiently to complete this PEX repipe job in Riverside, ensuring minimal disruption to Mr. Hutchins’ daily life while delivering exceptional results. When you need reliable residential repiping services, look no further than Repipe 1!