Repipe 1 Pex Repipe in Corona

Repipe 1 recently had the opportunity to work on a pex repiping project in Corona, California. Our team was contacted by Mr. Thedford, who was looking for a reliable and experienced team to help with his home’s repiping needs. After researching our services and reviews from previous customers, he decided that our team was the best choice for the job. 

The Problem: Noisy Pipes and Low Water Pressure

Mr. Thedford had been dealing with noisy pipes throughout his home and low water pressure for months. After researching potential solutions, he reached out to our team at Repipe 1 to see if we could help him fix the problem. 

The Solution: Pex Repiping

Based on the research that Mr. Thedford conducted, he determined that the best course of action was to have his home professionally repiped with USA made PEX pipe. He contacted our team and we were able to provide him with a detailed quote and timeline for the project within 24 hours of receiving his request. 

The Process 

Our team of professional technicians arrived at Mr. Thedford’s house in Corona two days later to begin the pex repiping process. We provided him with an estimate and timeline before beginning any work so he knew exactly what to expect from us. We then began by shutting off the main water supply, followed by clearing out all of the old pipes and fixtures in order to make way for new PEX piping. Once this was completed, we began installing the new pipes and fixtures per code, ensuring that each component was properly secured before moving onto the next step of the process. 

Once all of the pipes were installed, we tested each connection to ensure that there were no leaks or weak connections present before connecting them back up to the main water supply line. Once all of these steps were completed and inspected, we turned on the main water supply line, allowing us to test all of our connections one final time before declaring the job complete and handing over control back to Mr. Thedford.  

The Results 

We are proud to say that after completing this pex repiping project in Corona, California, Mr. Thedford now has better water quality throughout his home due to improved flow rates from his brand new pipes installed by Repipe 1 technicians! He also no longer has to worry about any potential water damage due to faulty plumbing or weak connections as every component used is backed by a 100% lifetime warranty on workmanship from our team at Repipe 1! 



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