Repipe 1 Pex Repipe in Tustin, California

Repipe 1 is proud to have been the plumbing service provider of choice for Mr. Soliman’s home in Tustin, California. We’ve provided our services throughout Southern California, servicing over 50,000 homes and businesses with our 100% lifetime warranty on workmanship.

Mr. Soliman chose us due to our competitive rates and the quality service we provide. He was having a discoloration issue with his water and wanted to make sure he received the best possible solution. 

The Problem 

Mr. Soliman’s water was discolored due to an old, outdated plumbing system that had not been replaced in years. This can lead to a variety of issues such as reduced water pressure, sediment buildup in lines, slow draining showers or tubs, and discoloration. 

The Solution 

Our team at Repipe 1 provided Mr. Soliman with a comprehensive repiping solution utilizing PEX piping which is made of robust cross-linked polyethylene that is both flexible and resistant to corrosion. PEX piping provides superior temperature control while also reducing noise from running water. 

The Results 

After our team at Repipe 1 completed the job, Mr. Soliman was elated by the results. Not only did he have better water pressure but also improved water quality due to reduced levels of sediment and impurities in his water supply. 


When looking for a quality repiping solution in Southern California, look no further than Repipe 1! Our experienced team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service at competitive rates and backed by our 100% lifetime warranty on workmanship.