Repipe 1 Pex Repipe Installation in Ladera Ranch

At Repipe 1, we specialize in PEX repiping for residential and commercial properties. Our team of licensed professionals has been providing quality repiping services for over a decade to Orange County, Los Angeles County, Kern County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County & Ventura County. This includes the recent installation of PEX repiping in Ladera Ranch for Mr. Guthrie K.. 

Why Mr. Guthrie K. Chose Repipe 1

Mr. Guthrie K. chose us because of our full range of services. We provide a comprehensive inspection and assessment of your home’s piping system to identify any existing issues and then provide a detailed plan on how to best repair or replace it with PEX piping. We also offer a 100% lifetime warranty on our workmanship.

The Problem

Mr. Guthrie K.’s home was suffering from low water pressure and other signs of pipe damage such as floors being warmer than usual and damp spots on the wall.


  • Low Water Pressure: Low water pressure is often caused by corrosion or mineral buildup in the pipes that restricts water flow. 
  • Warm Floors: Warm floors can indicate leaking hot water pipes that are wasting energy and money. 
  • Damp Spots On Wall: Damp spots on walls or ceilings may be indicative of a hidden leak in the wall or ceiling.


Our Solution


We decided to use USA made PEX pipe to repipe Mr. Guthrie K.’s home as it is designed to withstand high temperatures and pressures while also being flexible enough to fit into tight spaces. After three days, our team successfully completed the project without any major disruptions or inconveniences to Mr. Guthrie K.. 


The Results

Thanks to our top-notch workmanship, the system now functions perfectly with no more leaks or other issues. Plus, with the 100% lifetime warranty on labor costs that we provided, Mr. Guthrie K. has complete peace of mind knowing that his plumbing system is protected.



At Repipe 1, we strive to provide quality repiping services with minimal disruption and maximum satisfaction for our customers. With over 50,000 homes serviced across California over the past decade, you can trust us with all your repiping needs.