Repipe 1 Project: Pex Repipe in Tustin, CA


When Mr. Thompson S. reached out to Repipe 1 for a repiping job in Tustin, CA, he was looking for a reliable and trusted company that could get the job done quickly and correctly. With over 10 years of experience and 50,000 homes repiped in Southern California, Repipe 1 had the perfect solution to Mr. Thompson’s needs. 

The Problem

Mr. Thompson’s home had experienced constant leaking from its pipes and was running out of options to solve the problem. Not only was this causing water damage throughout the house, but it was becoming costly to repair the already damaged areas and the leaks were still ongoing. Mr. Thompson knew he needed an experienced plumbing company that could provide a solution that would last long-term and prevent any further damage or expense in the future. 

The Solution

Repipe 1 came up with the perfect solution for Mr. Thompson’s needs: a Pex repipe of his entire house. This process would replace all of his existing plumbing with brand new PEX piping, which is stronger and more reliable than traditional copper pipes. By replacing all of his old pipes with PEX piping, Mr. Thompson could ensure that his home would be free from leaks for years to come, as well as improve its water pressure and quality overall. 

The Process

The Repipe 1 team got right to work on the project once they arrived at Mr. Thompson’s home in Tustin, CA. The team worked quickly and efficiently to complete the repiping job within two days, meaning that Mr. Thompson was able to get back into his house much sooner than anticipated. The team also provided a 100% lifetime warranty on their workmanship, giving Mr. Thompson peace of mind knowing that their work was guaranteed for years to come. 

The Results

Once the repiping job was complete, Mr. Thompson was beyond pleased with the results! His home now had clean and clear rust-free water coming through all of his faucets and appliances due to the new PEX piping system installed by Repipe 1’s team of expert plumbers. The quality of his water improved significantly thanks to this update, as well as eliminating any further potential for water damage from leaks in his home’s plumbing system – something he had been dealing with prior to this project being completed by Repipe 1! 


At Repipe 1 we strive to provide our customers with top-notch quality service every time they call us – no matter if it’s for emergency repairs or large-scale jobs like this one in Tustin, CA! We are proud of our reputation for excellence across Southern California when it comes to repiping services and are confident that our customers will be satisfied with our work when they see the results!

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