Repipe 1 Repiped Sheri Matthews’ Home in Coto De Caza, CA

A Comprehensive Repipe for a Homeowner in Southern California 

Sheri Matthews of Coto De Caza, California was in need of a comprehensive repipe of her home. She contacted Repipe 1, one of the leading repiping service providers in Southern California. With over 50,000 homes serviced in Orange County, Los Angeles County, Kern County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County & Ventura County for over a decade and a 100% lifetime warranty on workmanship, she knew she had chosen the right company for the job. 

The Problem 

Sheri’s home had experienced constant leaks and the pipes were heavily rusted. This posed a serious problem that needed to be addressed quickly and efficiently. 

The Solution 

Repipe 1 proposed a full-house PEX-A repipe. PEX (crosslinked polyethylene) is one of the most reliable plumbing materials available today and is resistant to corrosion, temperature fluctuations and scale buildup. It also requires fewer connections than other materials and can be installed quickly with minimal disruption to the home. The team at Repipe 1 was up to the task and set out to replace all of Sheri’s old pipes with PEX-A pipes. This would provide her with clean, rust-free water as well as better water quality overall.  

The Process 

Repipe 1 began by carefully removing Sheri’s old pipes and replacing them with brand new PEX-A pipes throughout her entire home. The process was completed in just one day with minimal disruption thanks to their efficient installation methods. James R., their experienced project manager oversaw the entire process from start to finish ensuring that everything went according to plan.  

The Results 

Sheri was thrilled with the results of her repipe. She no longer had to worry about leaks or rusty pipes and could enjoy clean, clear water in her home once again. She also appreciated that Repipe 1 provided competitive rates and could handle full range services such as this one quickly and efficiently.   


    Repipe One successfully completed a comprehensive PEX-A repiping job on Sheri Matthews’ home in Coto De Caza, California. By replacing her old pipes with PEX-A pipes they were able to provide her with clean water free from rust or leaks while completing the entire project within one day with minimal disruption to her home life. Repipe One is proud to offer their services throughout Southern California backed by their 100% lifetime warranty on workmanship so homeowners can have peace of mind that their plumbing needs are being taken care of properly each time they choose Repipe One for their repiping needs.