Repipe 1 Repipes Home in San Clemente

For over a decade, Repipe 1 has been providing exceptional repiping services to homes in the Los Angeles area and beyond. Our professional team recently had the opportunity to take on a project at a home in the beautiful city of San Clemente, California.

Why Did the Customer Choose Repipe 1?

The customer chose us for our highly-rated reputation for quality repiping services and our BBB accreditation. With our 100% lifetime warranty on workmanship, we offer unbeatable peace of mind knowing that our work is done correctly and up to code. We are also well known for completing most jobs within two days, so the customer was able to have their plumbing needs taken care of quickly.

The Project

This particular project involved repiping with Pex pipe. Our team arrived onsite to assess the situation and begin the process right away. We took great care to ensure that all of the existing plumbing was properly removed and disposed of before beginning installation of the new Pex pipe.

Once we had finished removing the old pipes, we then began replacing them with top-quality Pex piping materials. We took extra care to ensure that all connections were properly sealed and secured, ensuring that no leaks or other issues would arise in the future.

We completed this job within two days as promised; leaving no mess behind as evidence of our work being done. The customer was extremely satisfied with our fast and efficient service!

Products & Services Used

  • Pex Pipe
  • Professional Installation
  • Sealants & Connectors
  • On-Site Assessment

Our team used only high-quality products and materials during this project, ensuring that it would last for years to come. We thoroughly inspected each connection and tested it afterwards to make sure it was secure and functioning properly. This is part of our commitment to quality assurance on all projects we take on.


Thanks to our hardworking team members, this project was successfully completed in just two days! The customer was extremely pleased with how quickly we were able to complete the job, as well as with how cleanly we left the home afterwards. We’re proud of achieving such a high level of satisfaction from this client!


At Repipe 1, we believe in providing excellent service for all of our customers – no matter where they may be located or what type of job they need done! We are proud of being able to provide exceptional repiping services for homes throughout Southern California, including San Clemente. Give us a call today at 1-866-737-4731 or visit you’re looking for reliable repiping services in your area!


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