Repipe 1 Successfully Repipes a Home in Laguna Hills


Repipe 1, a locally-owned business with over a decade of experience offering repiping services to homes around Los Angeles, recently completed a repipe project for Mr. Elahi at his home in Laguna Hills. After encountering multiple leaks and clogs due to old pipes, Mr. Elahi contacted Repipe 1 to help him with the problem. 

The Problem 

Mr. Elahi’s home had been plagued with constant leaks from his old pipes as well as frequent clogs. This not only caused water damage but also led to low water pressure and poor tasting drinking water. 

The Solution 

To solve the issue, Repipe 1 provided a comprehensive solution that involved a whole-house repipe and the installation of PEX pipes. To ensure that all plumbing fixtures were up to code, they also replaced the fixtures in the home. 


  • Whole house repipe 
  • Replace old pipes with PEX pipes 
  • Replace plumbing fixtures  

Additional Water Filtration Services 


Since Mr. Elahi was having problems with dry skin, dull hair, and needing to descale his tankless water heater annually, Repipe 1 offered additional water filtration services. They installed a reverse osmosis system to remove chlorine from the water supply and improve the quality of his drinking water. 


  • Install reverse osmosis system to remove chlorine from water supply.   

Results & Benefits of Repiping.


With Repipe 1’s help, Mr. Elahi can now enjoy better tasting drinking water, improved water pressure and no more leaks or clogs in his home. Additionally, he no longer has to worry about white crusts forming on his faucets or fixtures..  


  • No more leaks or clogs
  • Improved water pressure
  • Better tasting drinking water
  • No white crust on faucets and fixtures .   

100% Lifetime Warranty On Workmanship .


At Repipe 1 we take pride in our work and guarantee satisfaction with our services by offering a 100% lifetime warranty on workmanship. We have successfully completed over 50,000 repipes for homes across Orange County and are proud to serve residents around Los Angeles..  


Conclusion .


Repiping is an important service that can address many common issues such as low water pressure or poor-tasting drinking water. At Repipe 1 we offer comprehensive repiping services along with additional filtration options to ensure our customers get the best results possible. We are proud of our record of success in providing reliable services for over a decade..