Why Martin Chose Repipe1


Repipe1 in Laguna Niguel: A Comprehensive Home Repipe Project

When Martin G. contacted us at Repipe1, he needed a comprehensive home repiping in Laguna Niguel, California. After inspecting the two-story home, we determined the best solution was a Pex “A” repipe to replace his old and damaged pipes. Martin was glad to hear that we could provide him with our 100% lifetime workmanship warranty, as well as 99% of our jobs being located in Orange County. After all, we’ve been serving Los Angeles and its surrounding areas for over a decade with more than 50,000 homes repiped during that time.

Martin chose us for a few primary reasons:

  • We offer a wide range of sewer pipe products.
  • We are fully licensed and insured.

At Repipe1, we specialize in copper repiping and PEX repiping services for both residential and commercial properties. We’re proud to offer our clients an extensive selection of quality products from the top manufacturers in the industry, like Viega and Uponor. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the best solution for your needs and budget. With our 100% lifetime workmanship warranty, you can rest assured that your new piping will last for years to come!

The Process of Replacing Martin’s Pipes

Replacing Martin’s pipes required a full inspection of his two-story home to determine the best pipe replacement solution. We started by clearing away any debris or obstacles that would impede the installation process. This included removing any existing plumbing fixtures or pipes that needed to be replaced. Once everything was cleared away, we began the installation process. We installed all new PEX A piping throughout the home, ensuring that it was properly sealed in order to prevent leaks and other problems from occurring down the line. Additionally, every connection point was inspected thoroughly before being approved for use.

Completion of Repipe1 Services

Once all of the piping was successfully installed and everything had been inspected for proper functioning, we returned any fixtures or pipes that had been removed during installation back into place. Then, it was time for us to conduct a final inspection of all connections throughout the entire home before declaring it complete! We were proud to leave Martin with peace of mind knowing that his new plumbing system would last him for many years without issue.

The Benefits Of Hiring Repipe1

At Repipe1, we strive to ensure all our customers receive superior service at an affordable price point – no matter their location or size of project! Our team is comprised of certified professionals who take pride in their work and guarantee satisfaction on every job they complete. We also provide 24/7 emergency services so you never have to worry about being left without help when dealing with unexpected water issues or pipe bursts! Whether it’s a small repair job or a full-on home repiping project like this one in Laguna Niguel – you can count on us for quality results done right!


    Why Martin Chose Repipe1 Why Martin Chose Repipe1 post
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