Repiping Success Story: Pex A Pipe Installation in Orange, California

When Mr. Gordon of Orange, California needed help with a mainline repair and PEX repiping project at his home, he chose Repipe 1 for their competitive rates and lifetime warranty on workmanship. Our team, headed by Project Manager Josh R., traveled to Orange to assess the situation and determine the best course of action.

The Problem: Low Water Pressure & Slab Leak

Mr. Gordon’s property was suffering from low water pressure due to an undetected slab leak. It was essential that the service be handled in an efficient and timely manner as any further damage could lead to serious water damage to his home.

The Solution: Mainline Repair & PEX Repipe

After assessing the situation, our team decided that a combination of mainline repair and PEX repipe was the best solution for Mr. Gordon’s property. We used USA made PEX pipe for its durability and temperature resistance properties, as well as Milwaukee Pex gun tools for connecting the pipes accurately and quickly.

The Process: Patching & Inspection

To begin the process we patched up the slab leak in order to prevent any further water damage to Mr. Gordon’s property while we worked on the mainline repair and repiping project. After patching up the slab leak, we began installing new PEX pipe throughout the property according to industry standards and guidelines. After installation was complete, we conducted a thorough inspection of all areas of work to ensure customer satisfaction before leaving the premises.

The Results: Better Water Quality & No Water Damage

With our fast and reliable services, Mr. Gordon’s property now has better water quality than before. His slab leak is completely patched up and he no longer needs to worry about any potential water damage due to undetected leaks in his home. All of this was achieved within two days, thanks to our experienced technicians and advanced tools used on site.


At Repipe 1 we understand how important it is to handle plumbing repairs efficiently and effectively in order to prevent any further damage or potential health risks caused by undetected leaks or water contamination in homes or businesses located in Orange, California or surrounding areas in Los Angeles County. Our experienced technicians are well-equipped with modern tools like Milwaukee Pex Guns that enable them to finish projects within a short time frame without compromising on quality of workmanship or customer satisfaction.


Orange, CA, USA
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