Repiping Success Story: Santa Ana Residents Receive Full House Redrain with Repipe 1

Residents of Santa Ana, California recently experienced a successful full house redrain with the help of Repipe 1. Mr. Laguna contacted Repipe 1 for their fast service and experience in the repiping industry. Alex C., the project manager, was quickly dispatched to the 408 S Cooper St address to assess and begin work on the project.

The home had a few issues that needed addressing including wastewater detectable in yard, breakage in joints, and dishwasher wastewater backing up into sink drain. The solution? Drain repair with ABS pipes provided by Repipe 1.

The Process: How Repiping is Accomplished

Before any repiping can begin, the old piping must be identified and removed. This process usually includes using a camera to inspect the lines and locate any blockages or damage. Once any blockages are cleared away, an experienced plumber takes over, replacing the old pipes with new ABS pipes that are more resistant to corrosion and deterioration from water conditions.

Next, a professional team of plumbers carefully inspects all existing fixtures to ensure they are working properly before they are reconnected to the new piping system. Finally, all connections are tested and inspected for leaks before being sealed off for maximum efficiency.

The Benefits of Repiping

By repiping your home with ABS pipes, you can prevent wastewater backup in your home or yard as well as reduce sewer line-related flooding. Plus, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your plumbing system is durable enough to last a lifetime thanks to Repipe 1’s 100% lifetime warranty on workmanship.

Santa Ana residents have been raving about their experience with Repipe 1’s services and highly recommend them for all your repiping needs! With over 50,000 homes serviced throughout Los Angeles and Orange County areas over the past decade, you can rest assured that you will be receiving expert service backed by years of experience when you choose Repipe 1 for your next project.

Things To Do in Santa Ana

Santa Ana is an exciting area filled with culture and lots of things to do! Visitors can explore historic sites such as Heritage Museum of Orange County or visit nearby beaches such as Huntington Beach or Newport Beach where they can soak up some sun or take part in activities like kayaking or paddle boarding. Other interesting attractions include galleries like Grand Central Art Center or LAB ART Gallery which feature rotating art exhibitions from local artists. There’s also plenty of outdoor recreation available at Riverview Golf Course or Bowers Museum where guests can enjoy beautiful gardens and take part in educational programs about history and culture. No matter what type of activity you’re looking for, there’s something for everyone in Santa Ana!


Repipe 1 has been providing quality repiping services across Los Angeles and Orange County areas for over a decade now, offering customers 100% lifetime warranty on workmanship along with fast service and unbeatable experience in the industry. For residents of Santa Ana who need plumbing solutions without having to worry about future issues such as wastewater backup or flooding-related problems due to faulty pipelines – Repipe 1 is definitely worth considering!


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