San Clemente Home Repipe Success Story with Repipe 1


When Mr. Shulman of San Clemente, CA, was experiencing constant leaks from his pipes, water discoloration, and low water pressure in his home, he knew it was time to call an expert. After doing some research, he found Repipe 1 and decided they were the right choice for his repiping project.

Repipe 1 has been providing quality repiping services for over a decade throughout the Los Angeles area and Orange County. They specialize in Mainline Repair, Pex Repipe and Replace Pipes jobs, so they were confident they could help Mr. Shulman with his project.

Repipe 1 Gets to Work in San Clemente

Once the team arrived at Mr. Shulman’s property in San Clemente, CA, they quickly assessed the problem and wrote up a detailed report for Mr. Shulman that outlined what needed to be done and why. After discussing the report with Mr. Shulman and getting approval from him to move forward with the project, the team got to work straight away.

The repipe experts from Repipe 1 started by removing all of the old piping from Mr. Shulman’s home as well as any corroded or broken pieces of pipe that needed to be replaced. They then installed new piping made of durable PEX tubing that had been specifically designed for use in plumbing systems like Mr. Shulman’s home so it would last for many years without needing to be replaced again.

Finishing Touches on San Clemente Home Repipe Job

After the installation of the new pipes was complete, the team went back through and tested the system to make sure everything was working properly. They also checked for any possible leaks that might have been missed during installation and fixed them if necessary before giving their seal of approval on the job.

Once all of these things had been completed, Repipe 1 offered Mr. Shulman their 100% Lifetime Warranty on workmanship which ensures that any defects or problems related to their work are covered under warranty for as long as he owns his home—giving him peace of mind that he won’t have any plumbing issues anytime soon!

San Clemente Homeowner Thrilled With Results

Mr. Shulman was thrilled with the results of his repiping project and couldn't believe how quickly and efficiently it was completed by Repipe 1's team of professionals. He now has peace of mind knowing that his plumbing system is up-to-date and running smoothly thanks to Repipe 1's expertise in this field—all with a lifetime warranty for added assurance!


For anyone living in San Clemente or anywhere else in Orange County who needs their pipes replaced or repaired due to leaks or other plumbing issues, Repipe 1 is here to help! Their experienced team can provide quality repiping services with their 100% Lifetime Warranty on workmanship so you can rest assured your job will be done right!