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PEX Repiping: Replace Copper or Old Pipes with New PEX Piping

Why should you choose PEX piping for your home repiping needs? Why repipe your house with PEX instead of copper? The answer to this question has many possible answers, and it takes help from the experts to find the right one. That is where Repipe1 specialists come in. We can help advise you on the best materials to choose for your specific home plumbing project or replacement needs.

PEX is one of the most common options when it comes to drain pipe or sewer pipe replacement repair. It is a highly durable specialized plastic with enough flexibility for easy installation and supreme resiliency. This pipe type will never break down and leech dangerous chemicals or metals into your drinking or washing water. This makes it an incredibly safe option for families in any type of home from the smallest apartment to the largest single family estate.

Good plumbing is essential for a well-running home, but over time pipes can corrode and cause leaks. To protect your home from water damage, it is important to keep those pipes in peak condition. One way to do this is by having a professional repiping team come in and replace them with PEX piping.

This material has quickly become the go-to choice for many residential repiping projects because of its durability and cost effectiveness. It is the Repipe1 choice for many of the successful projects we complete every week in Orange County and the surrounding area.

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Repipe One did a great job repiping our entire 3400 sf house. Leo and Frank did a fantastic job moving our huge mirrors off and on so they could make their holes behind the mirrors where no one could see them. We have no complaints. Be assured they will take care of your home!


I am very happy with Repipe1 because their crew of guys seemed very experienced and professional when they installed PEX-A in my home. They did a very good job installing the pipe, and I was pleased with the patching of the drywall holes. Although Repipe1 costs more than some other companies, Repipe1 is worth it because they install a quality product and they have the experience to do it right.


We had Repipe1 replace the pipes in our home with pew pipes. The salesman seemed to know the layout of our home and knew what to expect. The repipe crew were super nice, made minimal holes, and cleaned up. The drywall crew did a great job and patched everything in one day. I dealt with Gerardo in their office, and he did a great job keeping me in the loop. I don’t plan on repiping again, but I would use Repipe1.


I had another slab leak and this time called Re-pipe1 to repipe the entire house. Josh Royer came to the house within two hours and detailed everything the company would do. He was knowledgeable, assuring and everything he promised came true. Every person from Repipe1 wore a mask, was friendly, and highly competent. The plumbers did a masterful job and the city inspector was very impressed. Repipe1 actually corrected the work done by another company 9 months earlier. I’m addition to the personable and skilled workers, the office staff is friendly and highly efficient. I highly recommend this company.


I am very stoked with Tim and Alberto Vasquez and the whole Repipe - 1 team. Repipe - 1 completed a whole house repipe on my home, installed toilets,faucets,water heater,copper main line, relocated a gas valve for our range in the kitchen, found and repaired a gas leak. The customer service and quality of work was very professional not to mention the quick response time at a great value as well. I would highly recommend Repipe- 1 to anyone! Thank You Tim and Alberto


(Repipe 1) is a wonderful company. Anybody having problems with slab leaks or any leaking pipes, definitely call this company. They repiped my house in one day. Came back the next day and repaired all Drywall. They were professional, efficient and reliable. Their full house re-pipe comes with a lifetime warranty. Can’t beat that.


Why Use PEX Piping to Repipe Your Home

PEX stands for cross-linked polyethylene, but the average homeowner does not need to know the exact material specification to understand why it is a great choice for their plumbing system. Why repipe your house with PEX instead of copper? It is one of the most popular choices for residential repiping projects. Its numerous advantages make it a smart option instead of old-fashioned pipe materials that may already exist in your house.

Check out these items on the pros list when it comes to PEX repiping:

Durability – It resists freezing, bursting, and corrosion, which makes PEX a long-lasting and durable option for repiping.

Flexibility – It bends more easily than traditional pipe materials, which contributes to easier installations and makes it work better for tight spaces and around corners or other home systems.

Budget-Friendly – PEX offers a more cost effective repiping solution than other options. This helps you keep overall expenses down.

Safe for Drinking and More – You never have to worry about leeching chemicals or heavy metals from PEX pipes.

Energy-Efficiency – With a lower thermal conductivity than metal pipes, PEX helps reduce heat loss in your system and improves the efficiency of your HVAC and water heater systems.

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PEX Piping Specialists: Why Use Repipe 1 For PEX RePiping

The pipe types and materials chosen for a residential project are only part of the equation. When you experience sewer line leaks, bad-quality water running through your faucets, an inefficient system, or simply need a complete upgrade to modern standards, you need the right team to make it all possible.

Repipe1 offers top-notch service to every homeowner in the Orange County, CA area. We specialize in PEX repiping for partial or whole house replacements. Our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians know exactly how to make the upgrade smoothly and provide the highest quality work with the utmost professionalism. We choose only the most reputable PEX pipes and fittings from American manufacturers to make sure that our work will last for years to come.

Finally, Repipe1 offers a 100% lifetime warranty on workmanship for every project. We are so sure that you will be satisfied with our efforts and the completed project, that we will make sure of it. Over 50,000 past customers cannot be wrong. Let us show you how we can complete your repiping project with PEX pipes quickly, reliably, on time, and on budget.

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