Full Home Pex Repipe Panorama City


You’re not alone if your home or apartment in the San Fernando Valley has old, rusty pipes. In fact, many homes and apartments in Southern California have been repiped by our team at Repipe1 since 1995.

There are many reasons to repipe your home or apartment. One reason is that old, rusty pipes can cause water discoloration. Another reason is that corroded pipes can lead to leaks.

The solution to these problems is a Pex Repipe. Pex is a type of piping that is made out of cross-linked polyethylene. It is durable and resistant to corrosion.

A Pex Repipe will not only improve the quality of your water, but it will also increase the value of your home or apartment.

This customer chose us for his Pex Repipe because he got a referral from a friend. We completed his project in under a week between repipe, patching, and inspections.

If you are considering a Pex Repipe for your property give Repipe1 a call! 866-737-4731


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