PEX Repipe Contractor in Laguna Hills (Eastview Rd)

A repipe in Laguna Hills can be a daunting task. However, if your pipes are old or worn out, you need to have it done. Otherwise, you may be facing leaky pipes and worse, bad-tasting water. When your pipes are not installed properly or are damaged, these things can occur. No one likes leaky pipes or bad water. That is why you should turn to the professionals in your area. Repipe1 is here to ensure that you are getting everything that you need and nothing that you don’t.

From a family-owned and operated repipe contractor, you are going to get the best service and materials. We have a lifetime guarantee on our products and labor. We have specialists dedicated to making sure that your piping is done properly. Not to mention, we were independently rated in the top one percent of all contractors in the state of California. We thrive to make your experience with us great.

For this project, our team here at Repipe1, a repiping Contractor in Laguna HIlls CA repiped a 2 story, 2 bathroom slab foundation house with PEX A pipe. Repiped 12 fixtures and 2 hose bibbs. Provided and installed 1" regulator with new ball valve. Patching, texture, permit, and inspections included.


Laguna Hills, CA, USA
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