If you live in Aliso Viejo, CA, then you know the importance of having a reliable and reputable plumbing company that you can call on when you need them. That’s why many residents have chosen Repipe1 to be their go-to plumbing company for all of their repipe needs.

Since 1995, we have repiped over 50,000 properties including homes, apartments, HOAs, churches and the list goes on! We are proud to offer a 100% lifetime workmanship warranty. We know that when it comes to your home or business, you need a plumbing company that you can trust to do the job right the first time.

We were recently contacted by a customer who was experiencing some problems with their home’s plumbing. The customer, had been noticing a decrease in water pressure and flow, and was advised he had a slab leak. After doing some research he decided that he needed a repipe and decided on a pex repipe.

For those not familiar with the term, a Pex repipe is when the existing pipes in your home are replaced with new ones made from Pex material. Pex is a durable and reliable material that is resistant to mineral buildup, which can often be the cause of decreased water pressure and flow.

We were able to schedule an estimate and got to work the very next day!


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