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When Mr. B called Repipe1, he was in need of a plumbing solution that would last. His home in Laguna Hills, CA was built in the early 1990s and the plumbing was starting to show its age. The piping was corroding and leaking, and he was worried about the safety of his family. He did some research and found that Repipe1 offered a lifetime warranty on all of our work, so he decided to give us a call.

We sent a team of experienced plumbers to Mr. B’s home to assess the situation. After inspecting the piping, they determined that a pex repipe was the best solution. This involves replacing the old metal piping with new pex tubing. Pex is a durable plastic tubing that is resistant to corrosion and leaks.

The team began the repipe process by removing the old piping. They then installed the new pex tubing and connected it to the existing fixtures. Finally, they tested the system for leaks and made sure everything was working properly.

The entire process was completed in just one day and Mr. B was very pleased with the results. He was happy to have a plumbing system that was safe and reliable. And with our lifetime


Laguna Hills, CA, USA
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