Sheffield Mission Viejo

When Mrs. C. of Sheffield, Mission Viejo, CA, USA contacted Repipe1 about a possible repipe project, we were more than happy to oblige. We have over 50,000 homes and apartments repiped since starting in 1995, and we offer a 100% lifetime and satisfaction warranty on all of our work.

Mrs. C. had been dealing with a plumbing issue for some time, and she had been told by several other plumbers that the only solution was to replace her entire piping system. She was hesitant to go through with such a costly and invasive procedure, but she wasn’t sure what else to do.

We were able to come in and assess the situation quickly. After examining the piping and discussing the options with Mrs. C., we determined that a pex repipe would be the best solution. This would involve replacing the old piping with new pex tubing, which is much more durable and less prone to leaks than traditional metal piping.

The process went smoothly, and Mrs. C. was extremely pleased with the results. She was able to keep her original fixtures and appliances, and she now has a functioning plumbing system that is sure to last for many years to come.


Mission Viejo, CA, USA
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