Via Santander San Clemente


Repipe1 is a business that has been repiping homes and apartments since 1995. We have a 100% satisfaction and lifetime warranty, and we’re proud to say that we’ve completed over 50,000 projects. Recently, we completed a project for Mrs. G. in Via Santander, San Clemente, CA.

The reason Mrs. G. chose us was our excellent reputation. We’re able to provide a full range of services, which is why we’re the go-to business for repiping projects. The problem Mrs. G. was experiencing was that her water was coming out rusty and her water pressure was low.

To solve the issue, we performed a pex repipe. This is a process where we replace the old piping with new pex piping. It’s a more efficient and durable option than other types of piping, and it also helps to increase water pressure.

One of the challenges we faced was getting the old piping out without damaging the walls or floors. However, we were able to overcome this obstacle and complete the project successfully. The results that Mrs. G. saw were an increase in water pressure and no more rusty water coming out of her taps. She


San Clemente, CA, USA
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