Wellington Place


When Mrs. V. contacted Repipe1 about a plumbing issue at her home in Wellington Place, Aliso Viejo, CA, we were happy to help. Her home had been built in the early 1990s and the plumbing was starting to show its age. The galvanized steel pipes were corroding and leaking, and Mrs. V. was worried about the health and safety of her family.

We recommended a pex repipe as the best solution for her problem. This would involve replacing all of the old galvanized steel pipes with new pex tubing. Pex is a type of plastic tubing that is resistant to corrosion and leaks, and it is also much more durable than metal pipes.

Replacing the old pipes with pex tubing would not only solve Mrs. V.’s health and safety concerns, but it would also save her money on her water bills. The new tubing would be more efficient than the old pipes, and it would also reduce the amount of water waste caused by leaks.

Replacing the old plumbing can be a challenging project, but our team of experienced professionals was more than up to the task. We completed the job quickly and efficiently, and Mrs. V. was very pleased


Aliso Viejo, CA, USA
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