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Have you been living in your home for over 10 years? Has your house building worn out and withered away? If yes, then you probably struggle with plumbing issues as well… Plumbing issues can lead to grave impacts on your house’s structure. And if that’s something you have been dealing with, then immediately get in touch with the plumbing experts and repiping contractors at Repipe1 for assistance! As mentioned earlier, old and damaged plumbing leads to several issues such as leakages, which can impact your living standards. For example, you may come across colored water, pungent odor, or even weird taste in your tap water. Not to mention, this can negative affect you and your family’s health. The experts at Repipe1 strive to ensure that all the old and eroded plumbing network in your home is replaced effortlessly and affordably. So reach out to this family-operated plumbing company to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your own loved ones.

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Whether you’re revamping your house or just came across a leaking pipe that needs replacement, Repipe1 has got your covered. Not only does Repipe1 rank among the top-rated repiping companies in Aliso Viejo, but we’re also one of the few most affordable contractors in California. Our top goal is to complete the job within the estimated time with efficiency. We provide PEX, CPVC and galvanized pipe. As a family-operated business, we understand how important it is to maintain a healthy plumbing system to ensure the wellbeing of loved ones, which keeps us devoted to offering our best to you and your loved ones. Of course, this isn’t a matter of a day. For a standard house with 2-3 restrooms, we take around 3 days to complete the given task. On the first day, we extract the old piping and place the new one. You can choose the material of the new pipe. In the last two days, we finish the job with a plaster, followed by tidying up the place. Our goal is to make your house look as spotless as new.

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If you are looking for affordable and caring plumbing service in Aliso Viejo, look no further. Repipe1 is here to help with all your plumbing needs. Trusting Repipe1 to get the job done quickly and in a timely manner is something that you should feel good about. Repipe1 specializes in all the different materials and installation processes. With trained technicians, the job will be done right the first time so that you have nothing to worry about. We aim to make sure that the project is done to your satisfaction. We aim to please you.


With an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and five-star reviews on Google and Yelp, the plumbers at repipe 1 have been installing and replacing pipes since 1990, and are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Having replaced the pipes in thousands of homes and businesses throughout California, Repipe 1 is both fast and affordable!

Slab Leaks
The current plumbing system can become problematic when it decays or withers away. As this happens, it develops cracks and punctures, which ends up in water leakages inside or around your home. Most of the times, this happens because the pipes were made with low quality or cheap material. At Repipe1, we use topnotch material and US-made pipes to ensure long-lasting plumbing.
Copper Pipes vs. PEX Pipes
A lot of homeowners choose copper piping because of how cheap it is. To save costs, they end up buying copper pipes for plumbing. However, buying low quality pipes also results in quick damages. As a result, you will need repairs and repiping time and again, which will also end up costing you a lot. At Repipe1, we prefer PEX piping only as it is made of high quality materials and lasts you a long time.
PEX Repiping
There are plenty of repiping options out there. However, the cheaper ones like copper are made of low quality materials and fail to endure the tests of time. On the other hand, pipes made with PEX are long lasting and minimize the threats of plumbing damages or leakages. We at Repipe1 offer only the best to our customers with our PEX repiping services.

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Thinking of getting your home’s plumbing network repiped? Does it sound too hectic? With Repipe1, repiping your home’s plumbing network feels seamless and is totally stress-free.
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Using non-invasive leak identification methods, Repipe1 ranks the best residential repiping company in Orange County. Just let our professional experts handle your plumbing issues for guaranteed results.
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At Repipe1, we take pride in being budget-friendly and cost-effective. Our goal is to expand our PEX repiping services to as many homeowners as we can because our goal is to make sure that you and your family members enjoy a healthy and safe living standard.

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As soon as you notice a leak or any other sign of a damaged plumbing system, it is high-time to get in touch with repiping specialists. A lot of times, old pipes decay or erode away due to over-usage. However, in some cases, plumbing system can also get damaged because of improper installation. At Repipe1, not only do we offer repiping services for damaged pipes, but we also make sure to install the new ones properly to avoid further problems!

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Ranked as one of the best in the entire state, Repipe1 offers trust-worthy and reliable repiping services for all homeowners. Our goal is to make your life as seamless as possible.

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