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A lot of times, our homes have old pipes that we may not be aware of or that we may forget about. But over using such pipes can lead to problems such as leakages. In such cases, the best thing to do is to seek out professional assistance in Ladera Ranch, CA such as Repipe1. At Repipe1, the repiping experts will conduct a thorough research of your plumbing network to detect the leakage in order to replace the damaged pipe with a new one. We understand how problematic a broken or damaged pipe can be for you. This is why, we strive to solve this problem without draining your energy or pockets. Our target is to finish the project as soon as we can. Our experts will remove your old and damaged pipes. In its place, we will install new, PEX made pipes to avoid plumbing issues in the future.

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A calamity never knocks on your door – it takes you by surprise, and a damaged plumbing line is no less than an adversary. This means that even the most careful homeowners can end up discovering damaged plumbing networks in their home. In such cases, you should never delay in reaching out to a reliable repiping company near you in Ladera Ranch. At Repipe1, we provide cost-effective repiping services to all those who need residential repiping or repairs. Our highly skilled and reliable experts get the job done within the time frame given to you in the first meeting. We also make sure that our pricing are affordable for our customers. We offer a vast array of repiping options such as PEX, copper and others. Whatever you are comfortable with, we install in your home. If you are not sure about this yourself, then you can also consult our experts and seek their recommendation.

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Do you need a reliable and friendly repiping company in Ladera Ranch, CA? Then halt your search – just call up Repipe1 and have your problems solved! Our professionals get the job done in a timely manner, minimizing the stress and hassle to you and your family. We hire the best, highly trained and professional repiping experts in Orange County to ensure that your house’s plumbing network remains topnotch. We are a family business and understand how it’s important for you to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your family. To make sure that your family enjoys health and wellness, make sure to get any kind of plumbing network issues repaired by our experts at Repipe1.


With an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and five-star reviews on Google and Yelp, the plumbers at repipe 1 have been installing and replacing pipes since 1990, and are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Having replaced the pipes in thousands of homes and businesses throughout California, Repipe 1 is both fast and affordable!

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There are a number of reasons why your plumbing network maybe damaged. This includes overtime usage, excessive usage or low quality pipe installation, which ultimately leads to damages. However, no matter the reason, if you happen to notice a leak, you must have your plumbing repaired and repiped by Repipe1.
Copper Pipes vs. PEX Pipes
If you are worried about saving money, then you’re definitely going to go for copper. But hear us out – do you really want to go through installation at the risk of another repair soon? Copper is of low quality and will be damaged soon. Whereas, PEX boasts high quality and guarantees lifetime warranty. At Repipe1, we recommend our clients to use PEX repiping to ensure a long lasting and enduring plumbing network.
PEX Repiping
PEX is a top-tier material used in expensive pipes, which offers resistance to damages and guarantees a safe and functional plumbing system. Using copper or foreign-made material will lead to a weak plumbing system. As a result, leakages and other problems will follow. To avoid these problems from occurring, only rely on the experts at Repipe1 to install or repair your plumbing network.

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It is a frightening task to get your home repiped for the first time. But it’s equally as necessary – you need to make sure that your pipes are replaced with new ones so that you do not have to face the trouble of leaking pipes. Get in touch with Repipe1’s specialists and make your plumbing repiping easy and effortless.
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At Repipe1, we employ non-invasive methods of leak detection and pipe reinstallation in order to minimize the damages to other parts of your home or making a mess in your home. Our experts are well-experienced in dealing with pipe replacements, making this process seamless for you.
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Repipe1 is rates as the best repiping company in Orange County. Apart from offering PEX repiping services with proper installations, we also offer round the clock plumbing and repiping services. Whether its day or night, a rainy day or a stormy weather, our experts will be right there to assist you.

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Everything has a lifespan – so does your plumbing system. This means that it can only function up to a certain point. After this point, it will either expire or start to sag and decay. In either cases, it will become damages and lead to leakages. This is why, you need to trust top-rated professionals such as Repipe1, who conduct a full-fledged inspection of your plumbing system and repair it. From pipe replacements, repairs, installations to leak detections and preventions, we offers all sorts of services that ensure a healthy and well-performing plumbing system in your house.

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If you happen to notice discoloration in your water supply or a foul odor from the water, then it is time to call up the professionals at Repipe1 to replace your old and eroded pipes with new ones.

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