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Sewer Line Servicing: Keep Your Home’s Drains Flowing

Disruptions or breakages in your sewer lines can cause big problems inside your home. Having a working sewer line from your home is an essential part of the overall plumbing system, whether you have PEX piping or Copper piping. If something goes wrong, it is extremely disruptive and could be expensive to fix. To keep drains running smoothly all the time, you may need help from the expert repiping team at Repipe1. We can eradicate issues or prevent worse ones before they occur, often its good to get your piping system serviced before it needs replacing.

The importance of identifying any signs that may indicate a problem with your sewer lines cannot be overstated. Tree roots are one of the biggest causes of issues, as they can grow into and block pipes, resulting in wastewater backing up into your home or lawn. Other potential issues also exist and can get worse over time.

Whether you have an existing issue like one of those listed below or simply have old pipes that may not function well for much longer, Repipe1 has the tools and experience to find the best solution. It all starts with a thorough exploration using specialized video equipment. We actually look inside your pipes to locate any root intrusion or breaks. The best repiping jobs start with full knowledge of current situations.

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Repipe One did a great job repiping our entire 3400 sf house. Leo and Frank did a fantastic job moving our huge mirrors off and on so they could make their holes behind the mirrors where no one could see them. We have no complaints. Be assured they will take care of your home!


I am very happy with Repipe1 because their crew of guys seemed very experienced and professional when they installed PEX-A in my home. They did a very good job installing the pipe, and I was pleased with the patching of the drywall holes. Although Repipe1 costs more than some other companies, Repipe1 is worth it because they install a quality product and they have the experience to do it right.


We had Repipe1 replace the pipes in our home with pew pipes. The salesman seemed to know the layout of our home and knew what to expect. The repipe crew were super nice, made minimal holes, and cleaned up. The drywall crew did a great job and patched everything in one day. I dealt with Gerardo in their office, and he did a great job keeping me in the loop. I don’t plan on repiping again, but I would use Repipe1.


I had another slab leak and this time called Re-pipe1 to repipe the entire house. Josh Royer came to the house within two hours and detailed everything the company would do. He was knowledgeable, assuring and everything he promised came true. Every person from Repipe1 wore a mask, was friendly, and highly competent. The plumbers did a masterful job and the city inspector was very impressed. Repipe1 actually corrected the work done by another company 9 months earlier. I’m addition to the personable and skilled workers, the office staff is friendly and highly efficient. I highly recommend this company.


I am very stoked with Tim and Alberto Vasquez and the whole Repipe - 1 team. Repipe - 1 completed a whole house repipe on my home, installed toilets,faucets,water heater,copper main line, relocated a gas valve for our range in the kitchen, found and repaired a gas leak. The customer service and quality of work was very professional not to mention the quick response time at a great value as well. I would highly recommend Repipe- 1 to anyone! Thank You Tim and Alberto


(Repipe 1) is a wonderful company. Anybody having problems with slab leaks or any leaking pipes, definitely call this company. They repiped my house in one day. Came back the next day and repaired all Drywall. They were professional, efficient and reliable. Their full house re-pipe comes with a lifetime warranty. Can’t beat that.


Sewer Line Servicing: How to Know When to Service Your Sewer Lines

There are quite a few telltale signs that your sewer lines need help. While most sewer line problems start small, they can quickly become more serious if left unaddressed for too long. This makes fast action essential to protecting your home and family from damage or health hazards. Does your plumbing system suffer from any of these issues?

Multiple or Frequent Clogged Drains – While individual drains can clog due to simple blockages, frequent or multiple drain issues are a sign that something else is wrong. All drains in your home flow to the same sewer lines, so if there is something wrong down there, more clogs will occur.

Slow-Draining Toilets, Sinks, and Tubs – The same holds true for slow water flow down the drains in your home. This is most frequently noticed after filling a sink or tub and then taking out the stopper. If the water backs up for any length of time, sewer repiping may be necessary.

Frequent Gurgling Sounds – Poor drainage can introduce debris or even air into the system. This results in strange sounds coming out of the pipes.

Foul Odors from Drains – Any backup or blockage can push foul odors and unhealthy air back up the pipes and into your home. It will linger because the sewer lines cannot flush away the wastewater quickly enough.

Sewage Backups in Your Home or Yard – You need emergency repiping services quickly if drains backup into your home or you find a puddle forming frequently in your lawn without rain.

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Tree Root Intrusion – When trees near underground pipes grow, their roots put pressure on everything around them. Over time, they can work their way between pipe fittings or actually break into deteriorating pipes. This tree root intrusion can become a serious issue over time that leads to slow drains, leaks, and wasted water.

Blockages – Many things can block a pipe, but when the problem affects water flow in sinks, showers, and other fixtures, repiping may offer the best long-term solution. This fixes the issue by replacing the plumbing system giving you trouble. Only professionals can assess the situation and determine the best path forward to get your water flowing again.

Corrosion of Pipes – Corrosion of older metal pipes reduces their strength and introduces unhealthy particles into your home’s water. No one wants to drink or bathe with rusty water with sediment. Also, corroded pipes will crack and leak soon, so it makes sense to schedule a repair or repiping service as soon as possible.

Sewer Pipe Collapse – Water exits the house through sewer pipes, but if they collapse under the weight of the ground or anything on the surface, the flow will stop or get much slower. You may notice puddles forming on your lawn, too. This serious problem needs repiping services performed right away to get waste water flowing out of your house again.

Slow Drains – Clogs, compromised pipes, and buildup of soap scum, hair, food particles or other gunk can make drains run slowly. You can solve some issues with a plunger, but more serious drain problems need repiping or repair services instead. Discovering the problem is the first step to fast-moving drains.

Cracked Sewer Pipes – While water may still drain through cracked pipes, they cause extra problems for your property. If they are under the lawn, you will see puddles forming or erosion. If they are cracked under your home or other buildings, serious structural damage may occur over time. Repiping experts can correct cracked sewer pipe problems quickly.

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When it comes to replacing a sewer pipe or a complete drain line repiping, you need a qualified team of experts to help. Repipe1 has decades of experience taking care of all types of residential plumbing and pipefitting projects. Protect your home and family by calling the most reputable and reliable company in Orange County, California.

With the right equipment and materials on hand, we are able to keep sewer replacement cost down and disruption to a minimum. This is due in part to our trenchless sewer line repair system that first diagnoses the problem and then uses a unique system to repipe everything without digging up your lawn and landscaping. Not only do you get your drains running more quickly and smoothly once more, you can get it done without the whole neighborhood seeing your sewer lines exposed.

All workmanship performed by Repipe1 carries a 100% lifetime warranty. We are so sure that we can solve your sewer and drain issues that we are proud to make this promise to you. For over 25 years, our company has helped California homeowners protect their properties and live more comfortable lives with swift, trustworthy, and competitively priced services. Contact Repipe1 today for a free consultation and price quote.


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