Sewer Line Services

Repipe1 is your local sewer contractor in Southern California

When you need the best sewer repair, Repipe1 is here to serve. For trenchless sewer replacement, pipe lining and more, our technicians do an excellent job without sacrificing quality–and they’ll make sure it’s done correctly according to Disease Control guidelines for your family’s health.


We offer trenchless sewer replacement, sewer lining, pipe lining and more to get your pipes back up and running quickly. We pride ourselves on our expert technicians who are trained handle problems no matter how big or small they may be according to Disease Control guidelines. Service is our top priority at Repipe1–we want you satisfied with the work we do for you so that we can help keep your family plumbing system in order!

Clearing Obstructions from Your Sewer Line

Do you know when the last time your sewer was professionally cleaned?


It is recommended that you make professional sewer cleaning part of your plumbing maintenance routine. 


Annual sewer cleaning can help you extend the life of your sewer line and ensure that it is in good working order. This reduces the likelihood that you will experience a sewer clog.

Common causes of sewer clogs include:

Root intrusion from nearby trees and plans
A buildup of grease, oils, and detergents
Too much paper being flushed down toilets
Foreign objects and debris
A sagging sewer line

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